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I am a doctor and an artist at the same time and I musst say, I definitely love both these professions. In fact, the medical profession and artistic creativity are not far apart. Both areas are an art, that can complement each other well.


The beginnings of my artistic activity goes back to my childhood. During primary school up to the age of twelve, I attended the evening art school several times a week. When I was sixteen, I decided to study medicine and devoted my time almost exclusively to science. It was a tough time, but worth the price I achieved at the end. In the penultimate year of my studies, I returned to regular artistic work and initially created a few ceramic lamps.


At the age of 25 I started oil painting again. I needed to give an expression to all my feelings, love to life and nature. Working mainly in the emergency department, I rediscovered my life and began to appreciate each day given to me much more. I stopped chasing life and started living. My family and friends have gained new meaning. By nature, I am characterized by a great strength of inner peace and harmony, as well as unwavering faith in myself and my own strength. All this is my inspiration and timeless values, ​​that I want to share through my artistic work.


Previous paintings are shots of nature referring mainly to quiet walks, during which I have always admired the play of light and colors. Everyone can find their own joyful memories in my pieces of art. You can easily move your imagination to these wonderful places. Thanks to the Impasto technique, i.e. paints applied in a thick layer, my paintings gain three-dimensional depth. Light refracts on thick brush strokes emphasizing its roles and exposing shapes and colors. Vibrant colors give positive energy, adding a unique freshness to the rooms.


During painting I only use high quality oil paints, linseed and poppy oil, the same as high quality canvas. As an opponent of pollutants, I do not use other painting materials or solvents. One of my favorite tools is the palette knife, which I’m using to highlight some structures on almost every painting.


I speak frankly that these are still the beginnings of my artistic activity. My painting technique is currently being intensively developed and I discover more and more different perspectives with every piece.

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